Angel is a secondary character on MLP: FiM. He's the companion pet of Fluttershy, one of the "mane" six characters. He lives in Fluttershy's cottage on the edge of the Everfree Forest.

Despite his personality and attitude towards pretty much everypony else, he seems to care very deeply for Fluttershy. Other than tossing a carrot at her head in Dragonshy, his actions toward Fluttershy are usually helpful and only meant to get her to do something that she really wants. He has to force her out of the house in A Bird In the Hoof, even going so far as to lock the door behind her because he knows she really wants to go to Princess Celestia's luncheon. Or when he steals Twilight Sparkle's tickets to the Grand Galloping Gala because he knows how badly Fluttershy wants to see the royal garden.

Not to mention, Fluttershy doesn't really discipline him in any way, so is it any wonder he's kind of a spoiled brat? At least he's cute.

He may go about it in a less than ideal way, but most of his actions are meant to help Fluttershy, since she's obviously too timid to take action herself most of the time.

And even though this is fanon, it's too sweet and touching to be ignored:

Fluttershy and Angel's Origin

I mean, really. How could you not love Angel after that?

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